Corparative Services

Corporate services are a collection of crucial support, legal, and administrative tasks that are performed by a corporation.

Corporate services encompass a broad spectrum of guidelines and procedures that streamline your legal documents and compliance. Corporate services include forming a company, setting up entity management, hiring a corporate agent, and seeking out corporate legal services. Putting those services under one roof will help ensure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

By automating the administration of your paperwork, you may save corporate resources by generating up-to-date reports and ensuring that all of your executives have quick access. Furthermore, you can increase business agility and efficiency significantly by outsourcing legal activities like mergers, dissolutions, DBAs, and reinstatements to a corporate services provider.

 we think businesses need to be able to get all of their corporate services from a single source. Our corporate services options streamline your legal, compliance, and documentation needs with a business-running partner that can assist you in overcoming obstacles.

The areas that we can help you with to start up your business in Cyprus are listed below.

We provide our clients the following complete range of services:

composing minutes for meetings of directors and shareholders

upkeep of the company's statutory records

Searching for companies at the Registrar of Companies' office

Submission of completed company returns, along with additional documents and notifications (such as yearly returns, changes in share capital, directors or shareholders, etc.) to the Registrar of Companies

Secretarial Services

Document translation and legalization

Creating and using bank accounts

supplying bank signatories and handling bank directives

offering services by phone, email, and fax

Trade Name and Trade Mark Registration

Registration for EORI.

Corporate services providers offer a cohesive strategy whether you're looking to launch a new company, need assistance with entity maintenance, want your corporate agent in one place, or require legal services. Put your trust in Services, and we'll streamline all of your legal and compliance paperwork in one convenient location and help you allocate resources more effectively. 

the Services, we are committed to provide companies of all sizes and sectors more than just basic accounting and compliance services. We want you to consider us a partner in the growth of your company. Contact us right now to streamline your long-term expansion and make sure all of your compliance and legal data is kept in one convenient location—rather than spreading yourself thin across several providers.